Should Homework Be Banned In Middle And High Schools

A question that has generated much debate over the years is whether or not homework should be banned? Specifically, if it should be banned at the middle and high school levels. There has been a lot of research showing that homework in moderation has many benefits to children in K-6, but after this new social stressors and pressures affecting students in middle and high schools make homework assignments less effective.

And in some studies, it’s been shown that giving homework to teenagers might actually have detrimental effects.

So, we need to explore the question of a ban more thoroughly.

The Pros of Keeping Homework in Middle and High Schools

  1. Encourages Personal ResponsibilityAccountability is an important quality that should be learned before our adult lives. And regular homework is something that helps develop this because students learn the rewards and consequences that come from doing or not doing their work each day.
  2. Encourages Time ManagementThis is a skill we greatly rely upon throughout our lives. It helps us deal with stress; it helps us prioritize and manage multiple projects; and it helps us carve out valuable personal time for ourselves. Homework helps improve students’ abilities to manage their time daily, weekly and monthly – and this is something they will need to do throughout their adult lives.
  3. Reinforces Lessons Learned in ClassThe third biggest reason to not ban homework is that it reinforces classroom lessons. The more practice students have in tackling concepts and problems in math, science, biology, history, literature, etc., the more they will comprehend future lessons and will gain the ability to apply critical thinking to new and more difficult concepts.

The Cons of Keeping Homework in Middle and High Schools

  1. Scores Are Not an Accurate Measurement
    A lot of teachers report that they don’t check homework assignments thoroughly and as a result simply give grades based on whether or not the student finished his or her work. This idea which values quantity over quality does not measure a student’s comprehension or knowledge and as such is an outdated and ineffective method of assessment.
  2. Creates a More Sedentary Lifestyle
    Teenagers and young adults are going through extreme physical changes that can affect them throughout their lives. By assigning too much homework you take away their natural desires to move around and be more active. Too much homework may encourage a more sedentary lifestyle that can lead to future physical and mental health problems.
  3. Lowers Personal and Social Development
    Students at these ages need to develop personally and socially. It’s important to explore interests and creativity. It’s important to create bonds with others and learn things like relationship building, communication, participation, and more to succeed in the future.

We’ve briefly covered some of the biggest advantages and disadvantages of banning homework at the middle and high schools, but the debate is likely to drag on for several years if not decades. The reality is that such a drastic change to our educational system would have serious implications both positive and negative, so the decision to ban needs to be can’t be taken lightly. Ultimately, students entering middle and high school in the next couple of years can’t expect to avoid homework. So, it’s best that they start looking for other ways of dealing with homework, including using online resources like this professional assignment writing service.

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